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May 28, 2021 2021-11-15 9:55

About Us

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We Provide Simple, Secure, Instant, And Low-Cost Bitcoin Payment Infrastructure For Businesses Everywhere

Kryptova is a 21st century payment solution.. Businesses everywhere can benefit from using our bitcoin pay in and payout services. We provide a simple, guided experience for the digital economy’s newest and best way to transact.

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The functions have worked flawlessly so far and we are very satisfied with the excellent customer service !
Nout Golstein
CEO, Futured & Artdirector

The Future Of Payments Is Here

Our versatile business solutions can provide profuse crypto acceptance for the company which might help fulfill the range of specific payment needs, keeping in sight the prospect’s demand for various varieties of transactions you would like the foremost.

Kryptova is a team of payment specialists, early adopters of blockchain technology, product experts, and Tech Enthusiasts. We work together to balance experience and intelligence, with opportunity and innovation. Our goal is to change the future of how international payments are done.

We Provide Complete Integration Support For Developers

Accepting Payment

Directly receive money into your checking account (or crypto wallet) in a simple and convenient manner, with the assistance of our streamlined integration solutions. Your business can expand its services since we support all major currencies and employ a single API call.

Crypto Vs Fiat Currency

Cryptocurrencies are encrypted, thanks to the decentralization and security of the crypto coin. And as these cryptocurrencies are in digital form, it's next to impossible to duplicate them, unlike FIAT currencies.

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Payment gateway services, reconciliation and payout under one contract. Compliant with the latest security requirements. More clarity and less hassle for you.



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