Multiple payment options provided by the Merchants are a boon for online shoppers. These pocket techs play a vital role in these payment solutions. They can make or break the sales component of the company. 

Types of payment options.

Payment can be classified into 3 broad categories – Banking options, Digital options, and Cash payments. 

  1. Banking payment options

These are nothing but the digital payments quotient provided to the consumers. They help them to pay digitally for all the goods, services, performances, etc. 

It is nothing but the bank allowing them to use this facility for a better understanding of the consumers. 

In today’s time, these options are flexible and comfortable for each one of us. The options involved with banking payments are :





1.5 – AMERICAN EXPRESS and many more. 

Card payments – This leads the customers to make countless purchases safely and shortly. 

Bank transfers – Allowing you to pay without the large bank fees. This is the best option if you are selling products or services to another business. 

Here at, we accept card payments. Kryptova takes you beyond the ever-evolving payment demands of your customers. Our robust, full-scale payment methods include a single integration to accept credit card and crypto processing.

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  1. Digital Options 

In the 21st century, we as consumers are provided with vast numbers of digital platforms in which we can process our payments. These platforms that are provided to us are the most ravishing thing. Digital payment has many options but we will talk about which are widely accepted and used all over. We will also talk about how these payments benefit the business. These payment gateways are helpful for the industries to accept the payment. 

2.1: PayPal 

Many customers prefer to checkout with PayPal because it’s so simple and quick to use, not to mention its perceived level of security by online shoppers.

Used by more than 17 million businesses worldwide, PayPal boasts that customers who use its services to checkout convert at 82% high compared with other payment options.

2.2: Amazon Pay 

This is the other biggest platform that is widely accepted and easy for consumers to use. Just like PayPal, Amazon Pay helps you to pay directly to third-party websites. 

Amazon Pay users’ details are already saved in their Amazon account to complete the transactions and provide them with a simpler and better experience. 

2.3: Google Pay 

Trusted worldwide, Google Pay lets shoppers choose from saved payment methods in their Google account to check out quickly and smoothly on third-party sites.

On top of this, your customers can also store-branded gift cards, loyalty cards, and offers with Google Pay, helping you to build brand affinity and provide a seamless shopping experience that is entirely online.

2.4: Gift Certification 

Similar to prepaid cards, gift cards contain a certain amount of money, however, they are mainly offered by retailers and, more recently, by major credit card providers such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

The most common type of gift card is technically known as a closed-loop card, meaning it can only be used with a particular retailer, although some retail groups will allow the same gift card to be used at other affiliated stores. 

2.5: Social-based mobile payments, such as Messenger, are preferred by younger shoppers. Such payments can also prompt dialog with friends and family. 

For Example, in 2018 Instagram established a payment option where you can add your card details and can buy products on the Instagram portal directly. Instagram now lets you store payment info and buy products directly in the app. The payment feature appears under Settings in the app, with an option to add debit or credit card information, track previous payments, and set a pin for extra security.

2.6: Digital Currencies

Digital currency is being widely accepted now from being uncertain, risky, and illegality once associated with Bitcoin and Crypto has gone now. That being said, smaller businesses should still approach cryptocurrencies with caution and offer these forms of alternative online payment based solely on the demands of their customer base. Keep in mind that the value of the digital currency can fluctuate anytime compared with traditional currency because it’s not tied to any physical assets. 

For Example, there are many payment studios for these currencies that provide one shop stop for Crypto and credit card processing for high-risk merchants. One of the most trustworthy platforms is Kryptova. We are experts in merchant accounts for all high-risk verticals, when other providers turn their back, we embrace you with open arms, ready to help you accept payment globally.

Kryptova boast of highly experienced payment professionals that are passionate about helping your business become a truly global operation.

  1. Cash on Delivery ( COD )

Simply, cash on delivery provides customers the benefit to pay at their doorsteps. The payment can be done through cash/card. 

This mode of payment is preferable for all online customers. Cash payment is very prominent in India, Bangladesh, and Thailand. 

The major benefit for the customers is just that they will receive the goods they had paid for without any risk of losing money or wasting it. 

Benefits of having multiple payments options. 

  • Satisfaction and Supposition 

In today’s time, consumers expect companies to accept different modes of payment. By positioning this you look like a forward-thinking company with your customer’s interested hearts. On the other hand, by providing this they will increase your sales. 

Offering more payment options can break the hesitation in making purchases. 

Payment system mobile interface. Infographics with a mobile phone and payment system icons. Modern full-color illustration isometric style
  • Spectators Magnification 

Different generations and demographics of shoppers prefer using different payment methods. Cater to them all and you will accelerate the growth of your audience.

  • Gospel Truth of the Brand 

Trust is a sustainable growth tool for any modern commerce or e-commerce business owner, and offering multiple payment options is an effective way to build it.

Providing a cohesive mix of safe, secure ways to pay will make your shoppers feel valued as well as protected, and your revenue will increase in tandem.

  • First-Class Customer Collision 

Adding multiple payment gateways help the customers to shop smoothly, choosing and finalizing involves so much hustle for them because of the vast number of options that are available for them. Make sure that they make the payment and do not abort the cart-this will result in the customer coming back to you. Good payment gateways provide consumer services to the buyer and seller on the same page. 

  • Escaping from the halt and filling the space of other 

Highly beneficial in the situation of downtime in one payment gateway, in that scenario, you would not be able to continue the business for a temporary period unless you have the other payment gateway option available at the checkout.

All in all, 

Offering the right blend of online payment options is key to increasing your conversation rate. Your customers should be able to pay for your products and services in the method they feel comfortable with. 

Without this philosophy, you run the risk of providing payment options that your customers don’t trust or simply aren’t interested in, putting the endovenous of your business at risk. 

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